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Tippecanoe Court Services Digging Itself Out Of Financial Hole

Pablo Malavenda

The head of Tippecanoe Court Services says progress is being made toward erasing a $100,000 deficit.

Cindy Houseman says March revenue for the agency is nearly $18,000 more than the previous month.

She expects revenue to rise even more, as the county’s three new judges elected in November refer more clients to Court Services than their predecessors did.

Houseman says Court Services is also hoping to settle more past-due accounts by using a new credit collections agency.

“The collection service we’re using now has brought in a minute amount of money compared to the thousands of dollars that are owed," says Houseman. "When I met with the new one, they said they could at least bring in 10% which is much more than we’ve been getting.”

Still, she says the agency won’t be back in the black before budget hearings this August.

But Houseman believes she’ll have enough evidence to show the County Council Court Services is keeping its financial house in order.

She says it’s possible she will ask the Council for an additional appropriation at that time to hold the agency over until it’s officially financially solvent.

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