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Bird Flu Detected In Indiana

Laura Carmer

Indiana poultry farmers are extremely concerned about a lethal avian flu virus that has recently been detected in the state.

A backyard flock in Whitley County tested positive for the disease, resulting in the killing of nearly 100 birds.

Pat Wakenell is an associate professor of avian diagnostics at Purdue and one of an estimated 100 poultry veterinarians in the U.S.

She’s led avian flu testing at Purdue since the start of the outbreak.

"The poultry industry is extremely concerned because this is a disease that can decimate the poultry industry," says Wakenell, "not only from the disease itself killing birds but restriction of trade, inability to ship product overseas."

For now at least, the biggest impact of the virus is on egg prices, because so many egg-producing hens have died or had to be killed.

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