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Sen. Donnelly Backs Export-Import Bank Re-Authorization

Joe Donnelly

Sen. Joe Donnelly, D-Indiana, says the Export-Import Bank, which provides financing to help companies ship products overseas, is critical to the health of the U.S. economy.

Donnelly says he’s fearful a group of what he calls “ideologues” will prevent its re-authorization in Congress.

Opponents of the Export-Import Bank, including Tea Party Republicans and conservative groups such as Club for Growth and Americans for Prosperity, decry it as corporate welfare.

They says it’s a gift of taxpayer dollars to bolster big companies.

But Donnelly says more than 85 percent of the bank’s transactions are with small businesses.

“Those who oppose Ex-Im for ideological reasons may make their case in the abstract but I operate in the real world where I’m the hired help for Indiana,” he says. “I’ve heard over and over again from Indiana small businesses about the importance of Ex-Im Bank.”

One of those Hoosier small businesses is Sullivan-Palatek, an industrial air compressor manufacturer.

CEO Bruce McFee says shutting down the Ex-Im Bank would have an immediate impact on his operation.

“I believe we would have very much difficulty in getting any new orders,” McFee says. “In fact, the orders we have in house, many of them we would not be able to ship; we’d have to shut them down right in the middle.”

Congress must re-authorize the Export-Import Bank by the end of the month for it to continue.

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