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Mummy Found In Northwest Indiana Could Be 2,000 Years Old

Przemys?aw Sakrajda

A team of archeologists discovered mummified human remains that could be 2,000 years old at the site of a proposed stone quarry near Lowell.

Lake County Sheriff John Buncich told the "Times" the remains were found could be from a native-American burial ground.

The archeologists who found the remains had been hired by an environmental consultant hired by the project to search for pre-historic artifacts at the site.  The search is required in order to get permits for such excavation projects.  Lake County Coronor Merilee Frey says the body was not part of any crime scene.  The Indiana DNR now has custody of the remains.

Indianapolis-based Rieth-Riley Construction Co. intends to mine for aggregate used in road construction. The quarry would also be used as a giant retention pond to capture drainage ditch overflow.  But nearby residents and farmers oppose the land use for a quarry.