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Fueled In Part By Women, Gun Sales Hit Historic High

Peter Anderson

Gun sales are breaking records. Numbers have been soaring all year, and on Black Friday alone, the FBI ran more than 185,000 background checks.  At a time when many are requesting stricter legislation on gun sales, the number of firearm purchases has risen, and many say a lot of it has been driven by an increase of handgun sales to women. 

More than 800,000 gun background checks were completed in Indiana from January through November.  December numbers haven’t been released.

Brittany Davis works at Four Seasons Gun Shop with her father. She says violence is contributing to the uptick in sales locally.

“We’ve seen a lot of increase in handguns," she says. "A lot of women have been buying more handguns for protection and walking the B-Line Trail, and just for safety reasons.”

Davis says when it comes to buying your first gun, it is important to avoid making a hasty decision. Davis stresses locking up your guns around children, and training them about gun safety when they’re old enough.

Experts predict that record gun sales will likely continue into the new year.

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