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Habitat For Humanity Subdivision Draws Opposition, Passes Plan Commission

Tippecanoe County Area Plan Commission

A Lafayette subdivision comprised of Habitat for Humanity homes is one step closer to breaking ground on the city’s southwest side.

The Tippecanoe County Area Plan Commission approved a plan for up to seven additional homes at its last meeting – despite a few nearby residents speaking out against it. 

In 2004, utilities were routed to the area to accommodate houses. Assistant City Engineer Bob Foley says that was in preparation for redevelopment.

“The area that Habitat is developing now – that was just several houses, and most of them have been torn down,” Foley says. “They’re just redividing it so that they can put new houses in there.”

Lafayette Habitat for Humanity executive director Doug Taylor says he expects construction to happen gradually, and to match the area’s ranch-style homes. He says the opposition may be a result of a "not-in-my-backyard" mindset.

Detractors of the site blueprint claim there will be too many houses in too small an area. Taylor says only two additional houses will be built in that neighborhood.

The site plan now moves to the Lafayette City Council for consideration.