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Humane Society Financial Review Out Next Week Amid Continued Calls For Transparency

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Board members from the Clinton County Humane Society will present a report on a financial review of their organization at a Clinton County Commissioners meeting next week.  

The Commissioners requested an audit of the Humane Society’s finances after a public outcry following the firing of shelter director Jim Tate this summer. But in October, board member Genie Newhart told WBAA the group had agreed to a financial review, which is less comprehensive than an audit.

Former board member Carin Moskovitz says she and others have “repeatedly” requested an additional public meeting to discuss broader issues at the Humane Society, without success. Moskovitz says long-time Humane Society volunteer Kim Harris has been tracking the number of people who have contacted the commissioners.

“People have messaged Kim to let them know they called the commissioners and asked them to call for an evening meeting, so people could actually go,” Moskovitz says. “And they have said to us, ‘There’s not enough interest.’ Now, Kim has gotten reports from over 100 people that have called.”

In an interview with the Frankfort Times, Commissioners President Josh Uitts says “the matter is closed,” unless a discrepancy emerges in the review.

But on WBAA’s “Ask the Mayor” Thursday, Frankfort Mayor Chris McBarnes urged the Commissioners to hold additional public meetings to answer all the Humane Society concerns raised by the public.  

“Folks, I get it,” McBarnes says. “It’s not comfortable—it’s not easy. But unless you’re transparent, you get everything out there—the good, the bad, the ugly—this situation isn’t going to go away. It’s going to be a boil that’s going to going to continue to fester.”

Uitts did not respond to requests for comment.       

The Commissioners meeting will take place at 9 a.m, Dec. 27th at the Clinton County Courthouse.

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