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Hoosier Lottery seeking private assistance

The Indiana Lottery Commission is reaching out to the private sector for help in improving performance and expanding its operations. 

Beginning Wednesday and running through the first of June, the state Lottery Commission is seeking proposals from private sector firms on ways for the Lottery to generate more revenue for the state.

Lottery spokesman Al Larsen says the Commission is essentially giving companies a clean sheet of paper to come up with ideas.

“You tell us how we need to get there or how you would go about executing a plan to get us there.”

Larsen says this is not an attempt to privatize the lottery, merely an effort to improve performance.  He also says the Commission is intentionally leaving the request fairly broad.

“We’ve given them basically, for the most part, a clean sheet of paper and are allowing them to return plans to us.”

Larsen says the Commission isn’t locked into awarding a contract to any firm; it will decide by October whether to go ahead with any plans.