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Richard Lugar's new job

Senator Richard Lugar (R-IN) says he wants to continue with students the work he has done in his six terms in the Senate. Lugar will attempt to do that with a new job at the University of Indianapolis.

He will join the faculty of the University of Indianapolis in January as a distinguished professor and help launch a Washington D.C. internship and study program for students of the school.  The longtime Hoosier Senator says his work with the newly-formed Lugar Academy – both in Indianapolis and Washington – will introduce students to the kinds of issues he’s been dealing with for years.

“It seems to me in the area of food and the second one, energy, these are two areas in which the world really has to come up with some solutions.  These are the kinds of challenges I want to visit with students about and that I hope that many of them might be receptive.”

Lugar will give three lectures a year on the UIndy campus, in addition to lectures in Washington.  He says he also plans to work with Georgetown University and Indiana University in the future.  The 36 year Senate veteran says he’s held off on considering other job offers until after he leaves the Senate in January.