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State Tax Amnesty Program Nears End

PT Money

Hoosiers who owe back taxes have only a few days left to take advantage of Indiana’s 2015 tax amnesty program.  The program, which began in mid-September, ends Monday and the state is on track to collect its target amount.

Hoosiers who owe back taxes – and did not participate in the 2005 tax amnesty program – can pay what they owe, whether in full or through a monthly payment plan, without paying any fines, interest or penalties.  Department of Revenue spokesperson Amanda Stanley says anyone is eligible to take advantage of the payment plans – and it’s not only those with big dollar amounts who’ve opted for that route.

“It’s not, maybe, the same big, high dollar, million dollar amount that we would see from maybe a corporate taxpayer," he says, "but it’s a significant amount for that individual.”

The state has collected more than $68 million through the beginning of the week, about $10 million of which are promised payments through the monthly pay back plans.  Stanley says that amount meets the benchmark the state set toward its goal of collecting $90 million through tax amnesty.  And she notes that in 2005, 75 percent of collections came in the last week of the program. 

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