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Tippecanoe Veterans President Expresses Hope For Veteran Treatment Courts


The American Legion Honor Guard opened Lafayette’s Veterans’ Day ceremony Friday morning with a rifle salute in Riehle Plaza downtown.

President of the Tippecanoe County Veterans’ Council Tim Hilton led the ceremony. Hilton says he hopes the Trump administration will expand the military back up to what he calls a healthy level.

On the state level, Hilton is hopeful that incoming  governor Eric Holcomb will continue to support  veteran rehabilitation efforts. Hilton referred to veteran treatment courts—a special court system that takes into account the challenges returning veterans face at home

“If we can provide more services and more treatment, positive treatment programs to heal up our people, we can get them off the books and that helps bring them back to society, keeps a family together. And that is very important,” Hilton says.

The Tippecanoe County veteran treatment court is expected to start operating in the first quarter of 2017.