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State Health Commissioner Testifies On Capitol Hill About Indiana HIV Outbreak


Indiana State Health Commissioner Jerome Adams testified Thursday before the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations in Washington D.C about the HIV outbreak in southern Indiana.

Adams says the number of positive cases is up to 160.

He suggests a three-part system for dealing with the drug abuse that led to the epidemic.

"Number one, we need to stop the flow of opioids into communities," says Adams. "Number two we need to deal with the personal and public health consequences of communities with overflow of both opioids and people engaging in high risk activities. Number three we need to create an outlet for those seeking recovery from substance use disorder.

Adams approved Scott County’s request to extend its needle exchange program for one year this morning.

The program has seen more than 14,000 dirty needles coming in with more than 16,000 clean ones going out.

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