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Opioid Treatment Access Expanding In Indiana

Hoosiers in need of addiction treatment have a couple new resources now. The Family and Social Services Administration or FSSA, announced this week, efforts to increase access to treatment in the state with the help of federal funds.

The 21st Century Cures Act provides Indiana with nearly $11 million in funding to tackle the opioid epidemic. The FSSA’s Division of Mental Health and Addiction leads the effort to increase recovery and treatment options and director Kevin Moore says the agency has made a commitment.

"We firmly believe we need to have the whole continuum available for folks, including medication-assisted treatment, as folks work to overcome this disease," Moore says.

A new 22-bed residential treatment facility at Richmond Hospital is set to open in March. Wayne County has one of the highest rates of drug deaths in the state.

A new web portal also lets people search treatment programs individualized and at the local level to determine if they are a right match.

Moore says the new web tool on the state’s website will allow people to locate treatment options.

"We know that there are still gaps across the state but this is a quick and easy way for people to find out where providers are," says Moore.

Federal funding has helped increase the number of treatment locations in Indiana by 25 percent.

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