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Montgomery County Establishes Fund To Aid Overdose Response, Recovery

Becca Costello

Montgomery County commissioners have established a fund to improve overdose response and recovery methods. The money comes from a $25,000 award given to Montgomery County and IUPUI’s Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public Health.

County health department administrator Amber Reed says they’re working to provide care and resources for people who come to emergency rooms after an overdose.

“And those people kind of fall into this gap because there’s no criminal element, they may have been dropped off by a loved one or be there,” Reed says. “This gives us an opportunity to meet with them and provide resources and care, and connect them with services.”

About $18,700 of the award money will go to the county, and the remainder will go to Fairbanks researchers.

Reed says it will allow the county to pilot the program, build a network and provide more training for certified recovery specialists. She says they will continue to seek additional funding as the program continues.

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