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Frankfort Schools More Likely To Get Police Than Metal Detectors Next Year

Courtesy Frankfort Police Department

Despite Frankfort Mayor Chris McBarnes’ recent statement suggesting metal detectors would be installed at Frankfort Community Schools, city officials say they probably won’t be added in the immediate future.

Frankfort Assistant Superintendent Joel McKinney says no final decisions have been made. But the district is leaning toward adding more school resource officers first.

Frankfort Police Chief Troy Bacon says his department’s goal is to have trained officers in every school by the first day of class this fall. He hopes the officers will be a deterrent, but even if there is an active shooter situation, Bacon says a police presence would make a difference.

“Having an officer at a school, opposed to not having an officer at the school, is really the difference between seconds and minutes in terms of response,” Bacon says. “We feel that if there is an incident, then the officer will be there a lot quicker.”

Bacon says his department is now starting the hiring process to fill those jobs.

He says school safety planning has increased since last week’s school shooting in Noblesville – just 45 minutes down the road from Frankfort.