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Monthly Conversation With Mitch Daniels: Responses To IPFW And Hate Speech

Jae Lee

Purdue officials have taken their fair share of heat for the restructuring of the Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne campus.

Critics have called the changes a fait accompli, have said there was little to no faculty input taken in either West Lafayette or Fort Wayne and even some Purdue Trustees worry IU officials are trying to pull a fast one on a Purdue administration led by fiscally conservative President Mitch Daniels which is constantly concerned with trying to trim budgets.

On this month’s conversation with him, we ask if the process might do more harm than good.

Also on this month’s program, President Daniels received criticism for not speaking out quickly or strongly enough about white nationalist posters which appeared in the academic building that hosts departments devoted to studying international cultures.

We ask if this incident has changed his thinking about how to express Purdue’s beliefs and stances – especially in response to potential issues of hate speech – going forward.

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