AG Zoeller Visits DC To Push For Federal Addiction Treatment Funding

Feb 16, 2016

Attorney General Greg Zoeller (right) meets with Office of National Drug Control Policy Director Michael Botticelli (left) in Washington, D.C., days after a new federal proposal was announced to increase funding for opioid addiction treatment.
Credit Courtesy Attorney General's Office

A proposed $1.1 billion plan includes $920 million for ‘cooperative agreements with states,’ which could include programs in Indiana. Zoeller says he’d like to have Indiana first in line for that funding.

“The numbers of people we’re talking about are really beyond our capacity to address,” Zoeller says. “So we really are going to need federal help. “

The proposal is part of President Obama’s overall budget, which must be approved by Congress.

Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy Michael Botticelli is hopeful that the proposal will have bipartisan support, but is encouraging Zoeller to campaign for its passage among other Attorneys General. 

“I will be working with my colleagues in the other states trying to encourage Congress to act quickly, and really support the work that we’re doing on the state level as soon as possible, because it’s a lot of lives at stake here,” Zoeller says.

Zoeller has been vocal about the opioid abuse epidemic in Indiana, working with his Drug Task Force to offer support and resources to medical providers and treatment facilities.