Ask The Mayor: Frankfort's Chris McBarnes On Getting Rid Of The 'Youngest Mayor' Tag

Nov 19, 2015

Mayor McBarnes says he's happy to hand off the title of "Indiana's youngest mayor" and felt like it hung over his head during his first term in office.
Credit City of Frankfort

In a May Republican primary and a November general election against a Libertarian challenger, Frankfort Mayor Chris McBarnes won overwhelming victories.

So do those large margins signify he has a mandate from the voters and some new political capital to spend, or is it a sign his second term is going to be more pressure-packed and expectation-filled than his first? We put those questions to him this week on Ask The Mayor.

Also on today’s program, the city is thinking about purchasing body cameras for its police officers – two of whom just got in hot water away from the job.

So can the city re-establish trust in the police force by making the camera footage more available to the community?