Dept. Of Insurance Warns Of Healthcare Marketplace Scam

Nov 25, 2014

Officials say if you're being asked for a credit card number, you're NOT talking to the government.
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The Indiana Department of Insurance is warning people purchasing health care on the federal marketplace to be on the lookout for scammers. 

Open enrollment in the federal marketplace known as began earlier this month.  More than a hundred thousand Hoosiers enrolled last year. 

Department of Insurance Chief Actuary Karl Knable says people re-enrolling or seeking insurance on the marketplace for the first time should be alert about potential scams. 

The first step is getting the marketplace phone number correct – he says scammers purchase numbers very similar to 800-318-2596, leading people who’ve dialed incorrectly to think they’re speaking with real marketplace personnel.

“Once they do get a hold of somebody, will not ask you for your credit card number," Knable says. "They rely on the insurance company that they place you with to send you a bill for your premium.”

Knable says is not soliciting people for insurance and that phone calls offering a deal should be ignored and reported to the Department of Insurance. 

He says if Hoosiers need help enrolling, they can find an authorized navigator through the Department of Insurance website