Frankfort Curbside Recycling Halted Until New Business Partner Signed

Jul 30, 2019

Frankfort has partnered with Werner and Son for its recycling for years. The city must now seek a replacement after a fire destroyed the plant.
Credit Taylor Haggerty / WBAA News

Frankfort officials have suspended the city’s curbside recycling pickup this week after a Monday fire at a recycling plant, but officials say residents can still drop off materials at the city street department.

Street Superintendent Jason Forsythe says the city began partnering with Werner and Son for its recycling a few years ago, when the amount of materials to be processed became too much for its own facilities.

But now that the plant has burned down, Forsythe says the city won’t be able to handle all of the material brought in by curbside pickup. He says residents can either hold on to their recycling until pickup resumes or bring it to the street department’s dropoff.

“We can keep up with it, we have places for them to put it, and we’re able to sort it a little bit easier that way,” Forsythe says.

He says there’s at least one other recycling plant in the area they’re considering contracting with, but the city must first determine what those plants are willing to take.

“We don’t know until we sit down and figure out exactly how we will do things differently from what we’ve done with Werner’s,” Forsythe says.

Forsythe says city officials plan to meet this week to decide on a course of action. He anticipates resuming curbside pickup next week. The street department is located at 905 Burlington Ave. Residents will have to sort their recyclables into separate receptacles once at the street department. That’s a change from curbside pickup, which doesn’t require materials to be sorted.