Monthly Conversation With Mitch Daniels: RFRA And The State Budget

Apr 15, 2015

The president says even if Purdue didn't have a policy about taking stances on social issues, he'd have wanted to stay as mum as possible about RFRA.
Credit Purdue University

The chairman of the Senate Budget Committee says he’s allocating more money for higher education in this year’s spending plan so, in his words, colleges won’t have to raise tuition. That was music to the ears of Purdue President Mitch Daniels, who’s pushed a tuition freeze for the three years he’s been in office. On this month’s conversation with him, we ask what influence he had on getting the state to push for the same changes Purdue has made.

Also on this program, more about Purdue’s response to the state’s so-called “religious freedom” bill. The university issued a statement, but the president’s name wasn’t on it when it went out. You’ll want to hear Mitch Daniels’ response when he’s asked if he thinks universities should be leaders on topics of social and political importance or should stay out of the process.