Proposed Ivy Tech center in Frankfort receives donation

Dec 28, 2012

The effort to build an Ivy Tech campus in Frankfort is getting more community funding.

Businessman and long-time broadcaster Vern Kaspar is donating $180,000 to the construction of the facility. He says education is the key to success in life and he made the gift to help students in the Frankfort area.

“We all have maybe a little bit different American Dream,” he says. “Basically you want to be successful. You want to be able to provide for your family. You want to see your offspring and their offspring prosper and be well adjusted, and education is the answer.”

In honor of his donation, the community college is naming the facility in downtown Frankfort Kaspar Hall.

This donation comes a week after the Farmers Bank gave $200,000 for the Ivy Tech project.

Mayor Chris McBarnes says many doubted the timeline for getting the facility up and running.

“This deadline – opening classes next fall – is indeed going to happen,” he says. “That’s not because of one single person. That’s because of teamwork. That’s because of effort, not only on the city side but the county side.”

The center will be located in the current Frankfort Times newspaper building, which is moving to a new facility.