Purdue Trustees Approve Plans For Classroom Distancing, Protect Purdue Pledge

May 26, 2020


Credit Purdue University

Policies approved by Purdue University’s board of trustees Tuesday will broaden the scope of online coursework available for students not returning to campus this fall, and reduce the number of students in classrooms for those who plan to attend in person. 

The student capacity of smaller classrooms will be reduced by about half, while larger-scale classes will contain no more than 150 learners. A minimum of ten feet will lie between the students and the instructor, who will have access to a “mobile plexiglas barrier.” Distance will also be addressed in student living spaces, where a per-person allotment of at least 113 square feet will allow for six feet of distance -- and when sleeping, a separation of at least 10 feet. 

Another plan approved Tuesday calls for a “definitional framework” to determine the members of the Purdue community most at risk from a COVID-19 diagnosis, and what accommodations they might require.

Trustees also ratified the Protect Purdue Pledge, which tasks members of the campus community with self-monitoring for COVID-19 symptoms, maintaining social distance and hygiene measures, and cooperating with contract tracing efforts. 

A requirement for face coverings while in campus buildings is now official, as is the fall calendar, which begins Aug. 24 and eliminates breaks throughout the semester.