What's New: Serebrier

Jul 31, 2016

Jose Serebrier and his teacher Leopold Stokowski
Credit http://www.musicweb-international.com/SandH/2007/Jan-Jun07/serebrier.htm

The first published use of the word "multitask" appeared in an IBM paper describing the capabilities of the IBM System/360 in 1965. We might think of an example of multitasking as a short-order cook: keeping several orders memorized while frying eggs, flipping pancakes, taking orders at the counter, and refilling coffee!

We’ll hear from a musician who conducts, composes, and records with the greatest of ease – the multitasking maestro, Jose Serbrier – on today’s What’s New!

Hear music by Serebrier, Rodrigo, Ye, Boccherini, Dvorak, and Cristina Spinei on this episode of What's New.

Jose Serebrier and John Clare in NYC 8/2006
Credit Casey Houtz

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