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Lafayette's Centennial Neighborhood undergoes needs assessment

A national organization focused on more sustainable neighborhoods is giving advice to the city of Lafayette.

Global Green USA met with community leaders and residents of the Historic Centennial Neighborhood on how to make the area more environmentally responsible.

Members of the organization spent the past two days assessing what improvements are needed and what that part of the city is doing well.

Green Urbanism Program Director Walker Wells says the goal is to initiate change by using resources already in the area.

The analysis is based on a rating system from the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design which examines a community’s green infrastructure, design, and transportation.

According to the assessment, Lafayette falls under the gold ranking, which is the second highest.

Green Urban Associate Hagu  Solomon says the community needs to set short and long term goals.

Some of the challenges include improving access to food in the downtown area, bettering the travel connection with Purdue, and adding community gardens.