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Farewell, Indiana Bear: Brazen Bruin Shot Dead In Michigan

Indiana DNR

The so-called "Indiana Bear," who made headlines around the state when it wandered into the Michigan City area, has been shot and killed.

The black bear, who hailed from southern Michigan, was humanely euthanized by that state's wildlife officials after it attempted to break through a resident's door. 

The first bear humans have seen in Indiana in 140 years, the creature had regular run-ins with Hoosiers last summer, breaking into trash cans, upending bird feeders and looking through windows. 

The bear eventually returned to the Great Lakes State, but not before inspiring a parody twitter account, @HoosierBear.

Since then, it traveled around the state line. There was a plan in place to capture and relocate the bear by the Department of Natural Resources last year, but since then, wildlife authorities believed the bear may have become a threat to people.

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