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Proposed Indiana Wind Farm Stirs Opposition

A Texas-based corporation wants to build a wind farm in northwestern Henry County, but the plan is drawing opposition from some local residents.

The Calpine Corporation intends to build 80 to 100 turbines for a 200 megawatt wind farm. The proposed Big Blue River Wind Farm would include the townships of Greensboro, Jefferson, Harrison, and Prairie.

Henry County resident Susie Eichhorn opposes the plan.  

Her family owns a farm in the area, and Calpine Corporation wants to lease part of their property.

But, Eichhorn says wind turbines can be noisy and sunlight can reflect off the blades, creating a strobe effect.  

“And, you know, it would be hard to sit on your front porch and talk with friends," she says. "It would just impact your daily life, 24-7.”

Eichhorn started the group “No Wind Farms.”

She says there should be more regulations on wind farms, such as a minimum distance from a neighboring property.

Setback requirements in Indiana vary from county to county. In Henry County, the setback would be 550 feet.

Calpine Corporation is still seeking lease agreements from area landowners.

From there, the Henry County Planning Commission would have to approve the project.  

Two separate wind farms have already been approved in southern Henry County.