Dave Byers

Tippecanoe County Courthouse Dome In Need Of Repair

Jun 9, 2015
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Tippecanoe County could have a fairly sizable unexpected expense in its 2016 budget.

Commissioner Dave Byers told the county council Tuesday the courthouse dome is in need of repair.

He says the maintenance director alerted him to pieces of metal falling off the outside of the dome onto the roof of the courthouse.

Tippecanoe County Commissioners Debate 2016 Pay Raises

May 4, 2015
Tippecanoe County website / http://www.tippecanoe.in.gov/

The Tippecanoe County Commissioners are recommending a two-percent raise for county employees in 2016.

The pay hike will cost the county roughly $350,000.

Commissioner Dave Byers voted against the two-percent increase, because he believes county employees deserve more.

2015 Budget For Tippecanoe County Slightly Higher Than 2014

Oct 14, 2014
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The 2015 budget for Tippecanoe County is roughly four-percent higher than in 2014.

The $41.3-million spending plan was unanimously approved by Council members this morning.

Auditor Jennifer Weston says a three-percent raise for county employees accounts for much of the increase.

She notes there is a gap of a little more than $800-thousand between anticipated revenue and estimated expenses.

But Weston says in the past several years the county has not spent all of the budgeted dollars.

West Lafayette and Tippecanoe County have finalized plans to fund Amtrak’s Hoosier State Line for one year. The city will pay $16,667 a month and the county’s share is $25,000 a month.

Mayor John Dennis says the agreement creates an oversight board made-up of the state and communities funding the service.

Tippecanoe County employees will not be getting a raise in 2014.

But Commissioners are recommending the County Council approve a one-thousand dollar bonus for most full-time and regular part-time positions.

Dave Byers says that excludes those who make 70-thousand dollars or more.

He says this is a way to thank the employees for their hard work in 2013 without placing an ongoing burden on the General Fund.

Roughly 600 employees would be eligible for the bonus.

The repeal of Indiana’s inheritance tax in the new two-year budget affects more than state coffers. Counties received the revenue as well.

In Tippecanoe County, as much as $500,000 has been collected in some years.

Treasurer Bob Plantenga says the tax was already being phased out before the complete elimination, which is retroactive to January. He says there will be an impact on the county’s general fund.

“I usually budget $400,000 of revenue for the General Fund, and you know that is certainly a few departments’ worth of expenditures that we will not be receiving.”

Raises for Tippecanoe Co employees under review

May 22, 2013

Tippecanoe County officials are considering the possibility of employee raises in the next budget.

Auditor Jennifer Weston provided the commissioners with cost estimates in increments of 1% with each percent representing $577,529. That includes wages, Social Security and the Public Employees Retirement Fund (PERF).

Weston says PERF is increasing more than usual.

“It’s been increasing anywhere from a quarter to a half percent lately, and it’s going up 1.2% (next year),” she says. “Yeah, that’s going to be a big hit for us.”

Tippecanoe elected officials sworn in

Dec 12, 2012

The only new member of the Tippecanoe County Council says his previous experience is preparing him for his new role.

Bryan Metzger, who won one of three open at-large seats in November’s election, is replacing Kathy Vernon.

He says his time working in the county extension office gives him a solid foundation for working on the council.

"I've observed the County Council and worked with them over the years as County Extension Director, so I've been on the other side of the table," he said.  "Now it's time to give back and work ahead."

One newcomer elected to Tippecanoe County Council

Nov 7, 2012

Republicans will continue to hold all the seats on the Tippecanoe County Council.

Incumbents Kevin Underwood and John Basham won re-election. Bryan Metzger will fill the seat being vacated by Kathy Vernon.

Democrat Robb Haywood came up about 1,800 votes short. Libertarian Randy Young won about 9% of the vote.

Republicans also won re-election to the county treasurer, surveyor and coroner offices without opposition.
 Commissioners David Byers and Tom Murtaugh also were re-elected without an opponent.

An additional 3% could be spent on salaries for Tippecanoe County employees in 2013.

Commissioners are recommending the County Council approve spending up to $750,000 to bring pay closer to the fair market rate for all positions.

Dave Byers says the percentage raise will vary depending on how far each position is away from fair market rate.

He says they decided on the amount based on information from a 2008 compensation study.