Purdue Research Park

Targeted Cancer Dyes Get One Step Closer To Market

Nov 2, 2017

A large gift to an Indiana biotech company will help targeted fluorescent dyes advance, the technology helps make cancer surgeries more successful. The imaging compound armed with fluorescent dyes, given to patients before surgery, illuminates cancer cells and help surgeons find and remove lesions that might have been missed.

On Target Laboratories CEO Martin Low says many skilled surgeons have used the product.

“As experienced as they are they still have found additional lesions that they said were clinically relevant and would benefit the patient by removal,” says Low.

Purdue, Rolls-Royce Partner Up For $33-Million Project

Apr 14, 2016
Rolls-Royce / http://www.rolls-royce.com/products-and-services/civil-aerospace/products/civil-large-engines.aspx

Rolls-Royce is expanding its engine research presence at Purdue. The two are partnering on a $33 million upgrade of Rolls' lab in the Purdue Research Park.

Indianapolis Research and Development head Lisa Teague says the company will use the upgrade to work on building more efficient jet engines. With the millions of miles planes fly, even a 1 percent improvement in efficiency could cut fuel costs significantly.

The company is also studying ways to manage the hotter temperatures that accompany efficiency improvements.

Sarah Fentem / WBAA

A new security center opening at the Purdue Research Park will employ university students to help keep the state government safe from cyber criminals.

The State of Indiana Security Operations Center is part of the Indiana Information Sharing and Analysis Center, a cybersecurity partnership among the multiple state agencies, Intel Security, Purdue and other private sector partners that identifies threats to state computer systems.

Rolls-Royce To Spend $600M Updating Indy Plant

Oct 5, 2015
the.urbanophile / https://www.flickr.com/photos/urbanophile/8557789591

Rolls-Royce North America has announced a new $600 million investment project in Indiana.

President and CEO Marion Blakey says the aerospace industry leader will spend years modernizing its manufacturing operations on Indianapolis’ southwest side.

“I think it’s going to be over the next four or five years to get it done,” Blakey says. “It takes a while to rebuild, especially because you’ve got to keep the production lines going and continue to make engines all while this is going on.”

Purdue Research Foundation

Rolls-Royce has announced plans to build a 40,000-square foot facility at Purdue. The company is the first tenant in the university research park’s newly-established Aerospace District.

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A new Purdue research facility aims to improve manufacturing of lighter-weight and more energy-efficient cars, airplanes, and wind turbines.

Officials broke ground on the Indiana Manufacturing Institute Tuesday in the Purdue Research Park in West Lafayette.

Engineering professor Byron Pipes points to the Boeing 787 commercial airplane as an example of what the technology is used for.

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A cyber security firm is growing in the Purdue Research Park. Sypris Electronics officially opened its research center Thursday morning. Its focus is on network protection and critical infrastructure.

President John Walsh, who is a Purdue graduate, says locating in the Research Park will allow collaboration with the university.

A company in the Purdue Research Park is collaborating with university researchers and St. Jude Children’s Hospital on improving the treatment of leukemia.

Tymora Analytical Operations is working to pinpoint the proteins inside cells affected by the disease. Chief Technology Officer Anton Iliuk says doing so will improve treatment options and make drug delivery more efficient.

WL firm competing for $50,000 investment

Sep 18, 2013
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A national business accelerator program includes a firm located in the Purdue Research Park.

Spensa Technologies makes an automated insect monitoring system for commercial agriculture. Kim Nicholson, vice president of business development, says that allows producers to better manage pesticide use. It also is designed to cut labor costs, because the traps can send the information to a computer or mobile device with wireless technology.

A Purdue Research Park-based company is accelerating efforts to bring its unleaded aviation fuel to the marketplace.

Swift Fuels held a ribbon-cutting ceremony this morning for a new blending facility, which will store at least 50,000 gallons of the gasoline.

The company also broke ground on a pilot plant, which will produce 10,000 gallons of the fuel per month when it reaches full capacity.

CEO Chris D’Acosta says the two structures represent a $2.5-million investment in Swift’s operating facilities.