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Purdue, Rolls-Royce Partner Up For $33-Million Project


Rolls-Royce is expanding its engine research presence at Purdue. The two are partnering on a $33 million upgrade of Rolls' lab in the Purdue Research Park.

Indianapolis Research and Development head Lisa Teague says the company will use the upgrade to work on building more efficient jet engines. With the millions of miles planes fly, even a 1 percent improvement in efficiency could cut fuel costs significantly.

The company is also studying ways to manage the hotter temperatures that accompany efficiency improvements.

Teague says the investment expands the Purdue lab’s work into additional research areas, "just making everything operate better to give the airline customer a better product, which translates to the flying public."

Rolls-Royce has maintained a lab at the Purdue Research Park for 13 years. Teague says Rolls will add new equipment in that lab and construct a new building.

Last year, Rolls-Royce became the first tenant of the Purdue Research Park’s new aerospace district when they announced construction of a new research and technology lab near the intersection of State Street and highway 231.

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