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More Than 100 Warnings Issued In First Week Of 'Move Over Law'

Jimmy Emerson

Indiana drivers are discovering legislators were serious about a new law ordering drivers not to block the left lane.

State Police spokesman Todd Ringle estimates troopers handed out more than 100 warnings in the first six days of the law for staying in the left lane with other cars trailing the lead vehicle.

He says those warnings are going to the most blatant violators -- he says he pulled over one driver who moved into the left lane to be ready for a turnoff that was four miles away. And he says he believes the statute is enforceable as written.

Some legislators who opposed the law noted it would mean giving tickets to drivers for following the speed limit, and predicted police would ticket the speeders instead. But police have been enforcing the law as written. Ringle says troopers are concentrating on warnings for now to educate people about the law.

When troopers do start issuing tickets, the fine can be as much as $500.