WL cuts ribbon on new roundabout

Oct 11, 2012

West Lafayette officials say they are happy with the roundabout at Northwestern Avenue and Yeager Road.

City leaders held a ribbon cutting ceremony for the traffic circle Thursday morning.

Mayor John Dennis admits there have been some minor fender-benders and a few complaints, but overall, the intersection is working as planned. He says the roundabout is an ideal way to handle traffic in a city like West Lafayette.

"In the summer months, traffic flows fairly smoothly, but when students are here it's a little bit more constricted," he says. "We've come to the realization that stoplights generally don't help us in assisting the positive flow of traffic. Roundabouts are an excellent opportunity to resolve that issue."

In addition to the roundabout, the city is extending its trail system in that area. A new path runs from Yeager and Sagamore Parkway down and around the Northwestern intersection, and eventually will extend to the trail along Lindberg Road.

Overall, Public Works Director Dave Buck thinks things are running smoothly. He says the big tests are when Purdue football traffic comes through the intersection.

"Pre-game, there is a rush that comes and police officers have had to help create some gaps for folks entering the roundabout," he says. "But after the game, they've just watched it and it's worked all fine by its own."

A fifth roundabout is under construction at Yeager and Cumberland Avenue, which should be completed in the next month.