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CityBus offers poetry in motion

CityBus wotg poem.jpg

The work of aspiring poets is on display throughout Greater Lafayette.

Their poems are featured inside CityBus vehicles as part of a collaboration between the transit service and Ivy Tech. The effort is called “Words on the Go.” This is the first year City Bus has featured works exclusively from the community college’s students.

Program board member Shelley Lowenberg-DeBoer says the joint effort offers a hands-on educational experience.

"We were not only able to work with people submitting poems, but we were also able to give the poems we submitted to graphic design students. They came up with a number of designs for each poem. So, you have a really well-rounded collaboration there with students from two different areas of academia.”

The poems will be on display for about the next six months. This is the first year one written in Spanish has been selected.

Lowenberg-DeBoer says it’s a way to highlight the community’s creativity.

"A lot of these poems are very positive, which I think might make somebody feel better or give them food for thought. It might give them something else to think about, other than their day-to-day concerns.”

She says the four featured poems were picked from about 20 submissions.

You can find more information about "Words on the Go," and see the current poems and designs HERE.