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Ask The Mayor: Crawfordsville's Todd Barton On Community, Rail Crossings

Stan Jastrzebski

When, earlier this week, a train derailed in downtown Crawfordsville, it brought to a head some of the concerns Mayor Todd Barton has lodged with the railroads that crisscross his city.

Sure, the tracks caused regular traffic jams before, and city leaders have long hoped for a railroad relocation project, but was this week’s incident the locomotive that broke the camel’s back?

We talk about that incident on this week’s Ask The Mayor program.

Also on this week’s show, INDOT officials came to Crawfordsville earlier this week touting the state’s Community Crossings grants to help pay for infrastructure improvements.

Crawfordsville got one of those grants last year and plans to apply again this year. But has it gotten more competitive with more cities anticipated to apply in year two?

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