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Ask The Mayor: Lafayette's Tony Roswarski On Crime Perception, KKK Fliers

Stan Jastrzebski

For some, the definition of free speech is that while one person may find another’s statement disagreeable, that doesn’t diminish the right to make that statement.

And so Lafayette Mayor Tony Roswarski is in a bit of a pickle regarding another drop of KKK flyers in his city. Does he speak out and raise the city’s profile on the issue of racism, or decline to give attention to the litterers and hope they’ll go away when they don’t get much traction?

We put that question to him this week on WBAA’s “Ask The Mayor.” Also on this week’s show, when does the perception of crime in the city effectively become its reality? If people believe the city isn’t doing enough to curb violence, does repeating that narrative run the risk of losing the city business or residents?