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Walmart Gives Out Bonuses, Not Raises, Following GOP Tax Plan

Samantha Horton
IPB News

Attributing it to the tax changes made by congressional Republicans late last year, Walmart handed out bonuses to employees across the country Thursday.

Two bonuses were given out: one being a one-time cash bonus of up to $1,000 and the other a quarterly bonus based on the store's sales performance where the employee is located.

Walmart spokesperson Anne Hatfield says it’s a day for celebration for all employees.

“This is just one way Walmart recognizes our associates and to show our associates appreciation for all of the great work that they do,” says Hatfield.

Walmart employs about 41,000 people in Indiana.

Lafayette Walmart automotive department manager Joshua Hess says the bonus is a nice incentive for the work he does.

"It’s a nice added relief, sometimes when things are getting tight or you need to pay some extra bills, that could help out," says Hess.

However, Hess says he appreciates the gesture, but future raises in salary would be nice, too.

“I’m always up for more raises and wages, so of course, yes,” says Hess.

Hatfield says starting salaries were recently brought up to $11 per hour with the potential to go up from there.

“Our hourly wages go up to $24.70 an hour, so there are so opportunities once you join the company to work your way up," says Hatfield.

Some economists, however, have pointed out the one-time bonuses given by Walmart and other companies cost those chains far less than would permanent raises and accompanying increases in benefits.