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Truitt Reluctantly Supports Vouchers

Indiana House Republican caucus

A Lafayette area lawmaker calls himself a reluctant supporter of the state voucher program.

Republican Randy Truitt says he plans to introduce several reforms during the upcoming session to make it better.

He believes one necessary change is to make sure public schools that don’t lose students to vouchers aren’t penalized financially.

Truitt says he wants to review the progress of the program and, if it’s determined that it is not working, go back and fix any problems.

A Marion County judge expects to rule on the constitutionality of the program within the next month. 

Regardless of the decision, those on both sides anticipate the issue will go to the state Supreme Court.

The program caps the number of students who can participate in vouchers at 7,500 for each of the first two years. 

Lafayette School Corporation Superintendent Ed Eiler is one of the plaintiffs in a lawsuit against Indiana’s Voucher System.

He says while the immediate impact may be minimal, the program has the potential to drain public schools financially in the future.