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Proposal would reward schools with highest I-Step passing rates

The state of Indiana spent about $3-million last year to help out public schools with the lowest I-Step scores.

New legislation being proposed by State Senator Brandt Hershman and State Representative Randy Truitt would also offer a financial incentive to corporations with the highest pass rates.

Truitt says the idea has been discussed before, but never pursued because of the state’s financial situation.

Under the plan, school corporations achieving I-Step passing rates of 85-percent or higher on the math and language arts portions of the test would receive an extra $500 per passing student.

Truitt says based on the most recent scores, the West Lafayette Community School Corporation would have received $400,000.

He says the plan will be introduced formally this fall for consideration in the next General Assembly session.

Truitt says the soonest it could go into effect would be next summer.