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TSC wellness clinic could open to LSC employees

The Tippecanoe and Lafayette school corporations are partnering on health and wellness centers. TSC opened the two clinics in late 2011 for employees covered by the corporation’s health insurance. A sharing agreement would allow LSC employees to go there too.

TSC Superintendent Scott Hanback calls it a win-win situation, if the LSC board approves the sharing agreement.

“So, they will reimburse TSC a proportionate share of our start-up cost that we incurred. Then, in an ongoing basis, they will pay a monthly expense towards the operational cost.”

Under the deal, LSC would pay $102,332 for the start-up and approximately $3,500 a month. The TSC board approved the deal Wednesday night.

Hanback says both school corporations will save money by collaborating.

“In addition to that, by operating two clinics right now, we’re open two and a half days at one site and two and a half at the other. We believe we’ll be able to go to being open five days at both sites, which increases opportunities for the employees to see a doctor or nurse as needed.”

The two clinics are operated by a private contractor. Those are located in Lafayette at 2529 Schuyler Avenue and 3000 S. 9th Street.

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