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New summer literacy program for WL students

A group of Cumberland Elementary students will get some additional reading help this summer. The school will offer a six week literacy course for those who need extra help.

Principal Kim Bowers says there are many reasons why a student might be chosen to participate in Cumberland Plus 1.

“Everyone has high standards and we want everyone to meet those standards, but sometimes you’re asking a five year old to meet standards that aren’t developmentally appropriate for them,” she says. “That means, the only thing that sometimes can help is more time.”

The goal is to have a cohort of roughly 45 students in the program each summer they’re attending Cumberland. Bowers says that would equal an extra year of reading lessons for those children.

She says students could improve more than just literacy skills.

“We also will probably delve into reading in math problems, story problems. So, it’s not that we’ll be really not focused on literacy, we absolutely will be, but that’s an area where we see some need as well.”

She says the program would require at least three teachers. The cost could be fully reimbursed by the state, although administrators say it’s more likely that 85% will be funded.

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