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Purdue trustees approve 2013-14 tuition and fees

Purdue University

Most Purdue students studying on the West Lafayette campus won’t pay more for their education next year. In fact, administrators say thousands will pay less.

The Board of Trustees Executive Committee approved freezing tuition and most fees. The plan also includes a reduction in the campus meal plan and fees for summer internships and co-ops.

President Mitch Daniels says those two things add up to $3.5 million dollars and are just as important as tuition costs.

“I’ll just say the reaction from students, their families and people on the campus – they’re proud we’ve found a way to get off the 36 – in the case of food 39 – year escalator of ever-increasing costs.”

Trustee Mike Berghoff says for students working their way through college, several hundred dollars saved means a lot.

“I put my way through school, so I would calculate the cost of tuition in terms of hours per week I could work in the summer,” he says. “So, $200 mattered. $200 or so was a significant part of your weekly pay.”

Trustee Miranda McCormack is a five-term co-op student. She says reducing that fee 57% is an affordability issue, but also should attract more people to the program.

“Some students were going around the system and not telling the university they were doing the co-op, because they didn’t have to charge the fee,” she says. “It’s the same as just going out to a company and getting them to hire you for the summer, so we’re really excited that this can be standardized.”

Tuition and fees for most in-state students will be $9,992 next year. It’s 28,794 for out-of-state students and international students will pay between $28,794 and $30,794 depending on when they first enrolled at the university.

Tuition for the students at Purdue’s regional campuses will see a 2% increase in tuition next year.

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