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A-F grades for won't change for seven schools

Seven schools caught up in an investigation of Indiana’s A-F accountability system will keep the letter grades they got in 2011-12.

An independent review released last month concluded the changes former state superintendent Tony Bennett’s staff made to most schools’ letter grades were “plausible.” But there were still a handful of schools the Department of Education flagged because they had not received their grades in accordance with rule.

The State Board of Education Wednesday decided it would not recalculate grades for three high schools who could have seen their A’s turn into B’s. But the board also let stand four F’s the Department of Education recommended members throw out.

State Superintendent Glenda Ritz did not vote on either proposed change.

“The rules were developed before I arrived. So I think that the board as a whole should be looking at the rule that they wrote. Going forward — I will be responsible for the rule going forward.”

The State Board did approve a new, hybrid model of calculating letter grades for so-called combined schools with elementary, middle and high school students that will be used to determine the 2012-13 ratings.

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