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IU Holds Active Shooter Drill To Plan For Florida State-style Event

Casey Kuhn
Indiana Public Broadcasting

In the wake of campus shootings at Purdue and Florida State Universities this year, Indiana University Tuesday held an exercise for the first time, designed to simulate an active shooter on campus.

Parts of campus were blocked off, a building was shut down and two police departments responded to a drill meant to prepare the campus in case of an armed individual.

About 150 people were involved in the drill including university police, Bloomington police and fire departments, and IU emergency management.

IU emergency management director Debbi Fletcher says planners looked to past events, like what happened at Purdue, to plan the drill.

“We learned a lot from Purdue, we’ve learned a lot from Florida State, Virginia Tech, all of those folks," Fletcher says. "We’re always trying to increase our abilities and capabilities to handle something like this.”

The drills are meant to be as realistic as possible, which is why it was held over Thanksgiving break when students are on break. Fletcher says her team will evaluate the emergency drill and address any shortcomings.

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