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State Senator Introduces Cursive Writing Bill Again

Matt Grant

A State Senator is trying at least once more to get cursive handwriting to be part of the state‘s school curriculum.

Several times, Oldenburg Republican Jean Leising has introduced the cursive writing bill.

And several times it has passed the state Senate, but not received a hearing from House Education Committee Chairman Bob Behning, who thinks the bill is a waste of time.

Leising was planning on skipping the bill this session, but says she changed her mind after surveying her constituents at her website.

"My first question on my survey was do you support or oppose the teaching of cursive writing in our schools. 95-percent said they support cursive writing," she says.

Cursive is still taught in schools, but Leising wants a standard for the state.

She says research shows being able to read and write cursive helps with brain development.

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