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Board Of Education Tables Diploma Requirement Overhauls

Kyle Stokes

The State Board of Education voted Wednesday, after rounds of public input and months of study, to not move forward with a re-write of the state’s graduation requirements.

When the State Board of Education first took up the issue of re-writing the state’s diplomas last fall, they were inundated with concerns. Many of these focused on math, fine arts and special education. 

The board created a task force, comprised mostly of educators, to spend more time coming up with the new diploma types.

Many members of the task force testified before the board Wednesday, saying they don’t think it’s necessary to re-write the diplomas because the current system works well in their schools.

There were also many concerns raised about additional math credits and how smaller schools will provide enough teachers to ensure students can get those credits.

The board’s vote was unanimous, and state superintendent Glenda Ritz says this will give them more time to study the issue.

“So I think a lot of the conversation revolves around getting information on mathematics,” Ritz says. “And that will start to drive the conversation I think more on the diploma on what we might want to do and how we might want to make that work.”

The board was mandated by 2014 legislation to study the idea of new diplomas, but is not required to act. 

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