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Mitch Daniels To Receive Almost 99% Of Possible Pay For His FY16 Performance

Erica Gibson

Purdue President Mitch Daniels will make almost 99 percent of the possible pay he could have been granted for the 2016 fiscal year, even though as much as $210,000 of it was said to have been “at-risk.”

The Trustees gave Daniels almost $202,000 of that $210,000. That’s on top of his $420,000 base salary and a $100,000 bonus for staying in the job through June 30th of this year.

All told, that means Daniels will earn almost $722,000 of a possible $730,000.

Trustee Tom Spurgeon, who heads the Board’s Compensation Committee, says he believes the metrics are getting tougher each year, even as Daniels has received an increasing percentage of so-called “at-risk” pay each of the last three years – from 88-percent in 2014 to 90-percent last year to 96-percent this year.

Still, Spurgeon admits the Board needs to keep Daniels – who’s brought in record fundraising amounts – happy so he’ll stay till the end of his contract in 2020.

“I think he wants to stick around. But, at the same time, he wants to perceive that he’s being treated fairly," Spurgeon says. "And if we really put the goals up there to where he only ends up getting 50-percent, I don’t think that’d go over well at all.”

In the three years Daniels has been receiving so-called “at-risk” pay, the Board has awarded him more than 94-percent of it.

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