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Lafayette area voters hear from legislative candidates

Eight men and women vying for seats in the General Assembly made their case in front of constituents Wednesday night.

It was part of a forum put on by the Lafayette League of Women Voters and Wabash Area Lifetime Learning Association.

Lafayette resident Ron Anders says he still has some research to do before casting a ballot in November.  But, thinks the forum gave him a better understanding of the candidates.

"There's a huge difference between the people who are currently serving and the ones who are trying to get there. By and large, it shows that we have a fairly good group of people who are running for office."

They discussed a variety of topics including same sex marriage, climate change, and right-to-work legislation. Audience members posed the questions.

Lafayette resident Ashley Smith says she wanted to hear more specifics from those running for office.

"I thought that some of the answers were a bit of a cop out and very political answer. If you want to say something, stand by what you say and please, don't put on some sort of facade."

The candidates at the forum were Republican Sharon Negele and Democrat Mark Straw who are vying for the open seat in House District 13, Democrat Rick Cornstuble and Republican Randy Truitt in House District 26, Republican Chuck Hockema and Democrat Sheila Klinker in House District 27, and Senate District 7 candidates Republican Brandt Hershman and Democrat Brad Thompson.

The election is November 6th.

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