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Bartholomew County Bucking State's Voter Apathy Trend?

Charlotte Tuggle

It appears there’s at least one Indiana county where early voter turnout wasn’t alarmingly low. In Bartholomew County, Clerk Tami Hines says the number of absentee votes is up almost 300 compared to the mid-term election four years ago and more than 600 votes compared to 2006.

Hines says the apparent enthusiasm also extended to poll workers this morning.    Mary Glasson, 92, was a poll worker for many years and retired.

But when another poll worker called in sick this morning, Hines says election officials got a hold of Glasson just before 6 a.m. and she was able to help open the polls.

Voter interest may be up in Columbus and surrounding areas because it’s one of the counties where an education funding referendum is on the ballot. Schools are hoping to raise more than $12 million to pay for pre-kindergarten classes.