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Former Party Chairs Agree With Push To Reform Indiana's Voting Process

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A group led by Common Cause Indiana announced this week it'll push state lawmakers to adopt a non-partisan redistricting process and end the gerrymandering of the state’s political boundaries.

Many pundits agree giving the party in power at the time of a census the ability to draw districts leads to disenfranchisement – particularly at the ballot box. It’s one reason Indiana saw the lowest voter turnout of any state in 2014.

When two former national party chairman – Democrat Howard Dean and Republican Michael Steele – were on Purdue’s campus last month, WBAA News Director Stan Jastrzebski sat down with them to solicit their advice on fixing the voting process.

While they agree the system needs to be fixed, both had radically different ideas on how to do it.

You can hear the full interviews with both men below.

Howard Dean