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Holcomb Releases Education Platform

Brandon Smith

Republican gubernatorial candidate Eric Holcomb unveiled his education plan Monday during the annual meeting of Indiana school boards and local superintendents.

He proposes using a combination of  federal, state, parental and private dollars to expanding the state's preschool program.

But he stops short of seeking universal pre-k.

Holcomb also wants teachers to feel they have a say in state policy discussions.

“We will work to attract the very best in this prestigious profession by treating educator as professionals and equipping them with the resources and autonomy needed to succeed in the classroom.”

Holcomb reinforced his support for shorter standardized tests -- and school choice, including charter schools and vouchers. But he said education options should not compete with one another.

During the same event, his Democratic challenger John Gregg received a standing ovation and claimed Holcomb would support divisive education policies.

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